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Mo HealthNet Managed Care and NEMT Updates

At a Mo HealthNet Oversight Committee hearing yesterday, the department presented an updated timeline for statewide managed care contracts. The due date for bids is extended to August 1 because of minor errors in the original data book. The department will evaluate bids in August and September and award contracts October 1 (this date is the same despite the new due date). Open enrollment in the new plans is set to begin January 20, 2017 and auto assignment will start April 14. Services under the new contracts will begin May 1, 2017. Plans have until the readiness reviews in April to get their provider networks in place. Some plans have told providers they have to sign contracts immediately, but Mo HealthNet said this is not the case.

Additionally, Mo HealthNet has awarded the new non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) contract, which will begin August 1. Logisticare, the current provider, has the new contract as well. This contract will be five years instead of three, and it contains a few small modifications aimed at helping patients. Currently, patients have to give five days notice for an appointment; it will now be two days in urban areas and three days in rural counties. Logisticare will also have to arrange urgent trips that are requested and deemed urgent by the patient or provider. You can find a chart outlining the differences between the contracts here.

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