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MARHC Outreach Coordinator Update

As many of you know, MARHC’s new Outreach Coordinator, Sarah Schlemeier, has been traveling the state meeting with member and non-member clinics. Sarah has met with representatives from 48 clinics so far this year. She has spent the majority of her time in clinics on the eastern side of the state and is making her way west.

For members, Sarah acts as the association’s liaison. Her goal is to put a face with the association and help clinics and hospitals feel comfortable reaching out to MARHC with any questions or concerns. In meetings with non-members, she talks about the association and benefits of membership. Regardless of membership status, the conversation will include updates from the association, such as recent projects, legislative and policy updates, conference news, and more.

These outreach visits are an opportunity for your clinic to take advantage of MARHC membership by asking questions, telling Sarah what you would like to see from the association, and updating your contact information to continue receiving MARHC news. Meetings are catered around your schedule. The average visit lasts about an hour, but they can be any length you need.

If you were not able to schedule a visit with Sarah when she was in your region of the state or would like to meet with her soon, please feel free to contact her:

Sarah Schlemeier

P: 573-826-1274

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