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Proposed Rules on Asthma Services and Assistant Physicians

The Department of Social Services and Department of Insurance recently proposed rules on Assistant Physicians and Medicaid coverage for asthma services that may be of interest to RHCs.

Assistant Physicians

In 2014, Missouri passed a law allowing medical school graduates without residencies to practice as Assistant Physicians. Last month the Department of Insurance issued proposed rules on licensure applications and collaborative practice agreements for Assistant Physicians. You can view the proposed rules here.

Medicaid Reimbursement for Asthma Education and In-Home Assessments

DSS proposed a rule outlining policies on Medicaid coverage for asthma education and in-home assessments. The rule defines these services as well as the qualifications for eligible patients and providers.

Asthma education is defined as training for a patient or their family on topics such as avoiding asthma triggers, medication compliance, and proper inhaler use. In-home assessments are home visits to evaluate asthma triggers and recommend actions to alleviate them. Youth who have uncontrolled asthma or who are at risk for an asthma attack can be eligible for these services. You can read the full proposed rule here.

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