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Board Wisdom: Keeping Focus

Every year there seems to be a word that becomes a common thread in my personal and professional life. It’s usually the same word! Sometimes I do not realize what that word is until late in the year. This year a word has already come into FOCUS!

Yes – FOCUS seems to be the theme for me in 2015!

FOCUS is defined as the concentration of attention or energy on something. In my opinion I do that every day all day long. Whether or not I am really doing that or how well I am doing that is open for debate.

I find that it is easy for me to discern what other people need to be FOCUSING on and whether or not they are FOCUSING. After all, I put “thought” into what others should be FOCUSING on! I am not certain that I am always putting thought into FOCUSING on all that I do the way I should. So I have decided to FOCUS on FOCUS and in particular, how to do it better on each and everything that I do.

FOCUS takes thought and our thoughts are what create our world – personally and professionally. As I think about FOCUS in my professional life I have found that with all the hats I have to wear and with all the changes and uncertainty in healthcare, I have a harder time actually FOCUSING. I find myself going through the motions of the day and taking care of what “slaps me in the face.” Fear of the unknown can cause us to work through daily tasks without actually FOCUSING on them or planning for the future. I find it is harder to FOCUS on something that gives me angst. It is easier to move on to something that “does not hurt or worry me” as much.

Everything we do we can do better, get better results from or get more out of with FOCUS. With FOCUS we are allowing ourselves to be in the moment and enjoy the purpose of our jobs, families and life. It allows us to notice the simpler things in life – like the sound of the birds, the beauty of a flower or simply a smile :O) Even FOCUS on our own breathing can help us to relate to ourselves and our surroundings.

Take some time to “exercise” your FOCUS muscle. Observe your own thoughts throughout the day. Do you notice that your attention is being given to things that you DO NOT want more of or that you DO want more of? See how FOCUS can help you to direct your attention to increase your productivity and enjoyment of life and will help you to decrease procrastination and calm your senses. Exercise your FOCUS muscle to improve your health! FOCUS on you! ealthcare needs YOU to be FOCUSED!

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